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Life in Ausburg
Oh dear 
1st-Jun-2006 09:07 pm
Hello friendly readers. So again it comes to update time. What on earth have I been doing!? Well after an amazing start to the summer, the sun shining, bbqs on the roof, bike rides and idyllic dips in the lakes things seem to have taken a turn for the worse weather wise. I haven't seen the sun for about two weeks. I am not joking. I have bought another bike and named it after a good friend of mine 'bad rami' precisely because this bike is baddddddddddd to the bone. A 'steal' for 20 euro I thought I had found my soul mate. It's really retro, i'm talking marble effect handle bars, huge seat, speedometer!..rust. I must say I look pretty fly on Rami. But then as always the bike went bad. Painful bits of metal have started to poke out of it!I have fallen off THREE times. He just doesn't want me on. ALso it makes a LOT of noise. Clunking and squeaking mainly, especially loud when I cycle past turkish hoodlums who then throw abuse. The other bike( Babsy) still has a puncture, i'm in denial about that. I had a visitor last week which was great, I had so much fun and it really lifted my spirits. Now she's gone i'm sort of sad. I've become ill and the weather is just shit. It seems a long time until I will be home again. I just can't seem to shake this black cloud over me, metaphorically and physically. Don't seem to be able to muster the strength to beat this cold I have, or do anything infact. This is getting kind of depressing isn't it? But I don't imagine maybe people read this anymore so I thought i'd treat myself and give myself a free reign to rant. At the moment I really want to come home. I'm going to festival this weekend, hopefully! The others have already gone but I have opted for one my night in bed to try and make myself better before braving it in a tent for three nights. There's going to be loads of bands I like/LOVE and i'm excited but just feel so ill... oh what a moaner I am!
3rd-Jun-2006 05:05 pm (UTC) - Cheer up!
Hey dude! it's not so bad! I'll be there soon! And I promise I'll bring some sunshine with me! And Shiv and I have a great plan - a trip to Venice for only 22 euros return flights! No tax! If that doesn't make you smile i don't know what will! Anyways, have a wicked time at your music festival thing, as usual I'm jealous of all you Augsburgers! 11 days to go! woohoo, bis dann, jens x x x
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