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Life in Ausburg
look who's back 
29th-Apr-2007 01:15 am
Hello journal readers, I have decided to maybe start writing in here again from time to time. At the moment I have nothing to report apart from that I watched grease is the word and any dream will do simultaneously, which was mean feat I must say and then nothing else at all good was on so I settled for a night watching 9/11 conspiracy theory documentaries. Good times, Good times. The biggest problem in my life in the moment is some sort of ant problem I seem to be having in my room at the moment, but I'm in quite a lot of denial about it and can't afford ant powder anyway so it's best to just ignore it for the time being I suppose. Also my impending graduation and disappearance into the oblivion that is life after uni is also playing on my mind, but not as much as the ants. More later, so long!
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