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Life in Ausburg
A new name for Howart 
28th-Apr-2006 02:36 am
Hey you...

Last night we went to a semester opening party at a different halls to our own. We had lots of fun, the german conga was danced and a couple of drinks were consumed. Howart stole me a parrot, which was being used to reinforce the lame "zoo" theme. It's going to be my new best friend. Howart and I stayed way too late but it was still fun. This morning it was a mean feat dragging myself out of bed to go to class. Howart and I started a new class today, it was german history...in the 17th century, I was so interesting I really got into in the end and I understood EVERY word...not. I had to read a question out infront of the class and painfully mispronouced everyword, cringe. In my head I was saying it over and over again and it was perfectly german sounding, when it came to saying it outloud it sounded nothing like that, so much for keeping our English status on the lowdown, there was no doubting my "brit abroad" status.

After Laura Howes had her name changed for her in our halls by having her door and post boxed labelled as "howart" she now has a new name which has been given to her by the Germans, kindly. We went to a class on wednesday which you had to sign up for in advance. Laura signed us both up before the class. When the register came round to us for us to sign, I found my name but there was no sign of Laura howes. There WAS however a Laura Hornes in the class. So now Howart is Hornes. Not much else has been happening here in Augsburg, apart from I have been starting my year abroad dissertation about foreigners. It's called "get out of germany, you dirty foreigners". Only joking! Bye now.

Word of the entry
"Noyzoit"= er nothing because that's not how you say it you idiot brit<------the thoughts of my german class mate when I mispronouced the word Neuzeit (pronounced "Noytsite") which incidently means modern times.
28th-Apr-2006 11:04 am (UTC) - Hornes here
"I'm horny, horny horny horny...SOOOOOOO horny, I'm horny horny horny tonight!!!
(Horny all night long i'm, horny all night long i'm, horny all night long)"
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