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Life in Ausburg
Dan and Dad visit 
26th-Apr-2006 03:30 pm
the bitch
So Dan(my brother) and my Dad came to visit. It was great fun. WE went to munich and ate out every night, what a treat. I think Dad was impressed with my German, it's fairy hard to tell, I hope he was anyway. One night my Brother stayed in my halls with me. It was really nice to see him after spending so long away from my sibling, we just watched dvds and ordered pizza in. I haven't updated for a while it's hard to remember what has been going on. I am going to promise myself to update more often, every other day hopefully, or else I know I will regret it. The sun has now come to Augsburg and it is hot and sunny virtually everyday and the april showers have (nearly!) gone away. The bikes are out and we have been having BBQs on the roof of our halls which is sooo nice, you can watch the sun set. Everyone just seems happier as well.

Ok, so some of you may know that last term I had my bag and coat "stolen" from the library. This was quite a low point for me because the jacket was expensive and...well no one likes to be robbed do they? This is the story I told most people..."Well I had my translation class which took place in the library. To enter the library here you are not allowed to wear your coat or carry a bag. I locked my stuff away in the locker and when I returned it was all gone. I had to walk home in the snow with no coat and no bag, so basically carrying all my stuff like a gimp. AlsoI had worn trousers where the zip did not work properly, the coat I wore conveniently covered this. There is a moral to this story." I got home and cried a lot but decided to move on, the stuff wasn't coming back. This was the kind of thing that could easily sink me into a bit of a depression but I was determined not to let this happen. This story was only a HALF truth...

Ok here is the TRUE story "The lockers which you must lock your possessions in only take 2 euro coins. I arrived at class to find I didn't have a 2 euro coin. So on seeing that some students had merely hung up their coats and bags on the hooks outside of the library, I assumed that stealthily stashing my bag and coat in the locker without locking it properly would suffice. If I had hunted for a 2 euro coin I would have been really late, which as all of you know is a faux pas in Germany. If i missed the class entirely it would have been a Fehler (counted as an inexcused abscence) and 2 fehler you're out! So I couldn't do that. I continued to enjoy my stimulating and useful translation class but on returning to the afore-mentioned locker my things were gone." I searched high and low for my things and a really friendly girl from my class helped me too. NO WHERE to be seen. The rest of the story is the same.

Skip forward THREE months people (bear with me). I am in the library again with Howart. I have long forgotten the stolen goods and bought a new bag, exactly the same as the old one (navy blue-eastpak). We come out and low and behold, i see my jacket! It's very distinctive, I knew it was mine. I thought to myself "what a cheeky fuck! Someone has stolen my jacket and has been waering it all this time and now they are in the library". So as I was just about to steal it back, I see the bag with it! Then I see the coat is covered with dust...about three mnoths worth of dust...I look in the bag and it has my things in it, including an apple I had packed three months ago, you can imagine what THAT looked like..yes..mouldy, with white bits on (incase you can't imagine). My bag and coat had been hanging there ALL THAT TIME! How stupid do I feel?! It was never stolen. Howart's theory is that someone wanted to use the locker which I had not locked and just took my stuff out and hung it on the hooks! Crazy! But i swear I looked everywhere for it, obviously I didn't not look EVERYWHERE. Anyway that's that. Now I have two eastpak bags!

A new term started on monday and I'm feeling very optimistic it. Feeling much more confident about everything and student loan has just come so all is good. Anyway till next time! Laura x

Word of the entry = Tintenfisch- squid. I nearly picked this up today at the salad bar! F&^king gross!
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