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Life in Ausburg
Family Muldoon Rock the Augsburg 
3rd-Apr-2006 01:44 pm
Hello, my brother and Dad are coming to visit me today so I'm really excited! And they are bringing lots of my stuff with them too which is great. Not much has been going on here to be quite honest with you. My floor apparently has a small Rat problem which is absolutely gross and the sign says we can borrow traps from the hausmeister. AS IF! I haven't seen any yet but enjoy screaming "argh it's a mouse!" whenever people come in my room. Oh I am a kook! They weather has been quite good. I have my balcony open most of the time but april showers are frequent so haven't been out on my bike yet. Well will update when the olds have gone. Bye x
4th-Apr-2006 06:00 am (UTC) - Tidy
now mum is on her own shows just who is untidy without you three here. Have great sausage and dont ask who won the football.
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