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Life in Ausburg
Looks who's back! 
30th-Mar-2006 02:56 am
Ok, so i've been REALLY slack with the journal. I'm back in Germamy. I have missed about three months but I vow I am back with avengeance. I had a very nice flight back but I did sleep throughout with my mouth open, how delightful! I'm missing home already but am determined to make this my best term EVER (TM). Luckily I seem not to have forgotten all my german despite not talking a single word for my three week sabbatical at home. I saw friends at home and managed to find a house in Birmingham for next year. I've picked modules, I've filled out lots of forms and I'm ready to battle anything that comes at me! Have just been down to the Bierstube to say hi to old German friends. We played darts, I lost pitifully, but that's irrelevant! I'm getting better. I also tried a turkish water pipe, which interestingly was apple flavour. Not much happening here because term has not started yet but I am getting geared up into starting my dissertation which is going to be great ( i Hope). I arrived back to no scary letters announcing my eviction from halls which was a relief and found an unwanted map of the world on my corridor which I have scavenged and put on my wall so all in all this term looks like it's going to be a goodun.
10th-Apr-2006 12:11 pm (UTC) - map
does you finding this map mean you are going to be unstoppable at the capitals game??

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