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Life in Ausburg
Is it friday 13th? 
9th-Jan-2006 09:58 pm
the bitch
So I'm back in Germany again. I arrived here on Sunday after catching the plane from Stansted with Howart and Helen. The flight was fine, everyone was in high sprits, Laura and I had decided to make our documentary and filmed the first installment, everyone was happy. Then the worse day and night of 2006 (hopefully) began. We got back to our halls and I checked my post box. I had a letter from uni. It said that my tenancy agreement expired in March, basically that means i only have a place to live for one semester. The letter looked like this........scary letter...yeah I couldn't make it out either at first. I was just about to presume it was the usual bumpf but decided to get my dictionary out. This is when I started to panic about where I was going to live in march. So I ring an English colleague to see if they got this mysterious letter...no...i ring another...same answer. I seem to be the only one who is being turfed out of halls prematurely! What have I done to deserve this I ask myself. I decide to get legal on their asses and dig my contract out. I look to the dates on the contract, I infact have obviously not read the contract that they sent as it says clear as day at the top of it sept- March not sept-sept like everyone else's! Feeling like an idiot I start to get used to the idea of being homeless<------- a bit extreme but get use to the idea of livin away from all my friends in halls. I go to sleep, worrying and wake up the next day ready to go down to the housing office to see what they say.. The Day of Hell (D.O.H!) starts badly, i forget my wallet. I get to the office and show them the letter, the woman there is not very nice at all and takes one glance at the letter and straight away says that there is no chance of a contract renewal. I can feel my face getting all hot and my eyes welling up and my german is just falling away from me and I can see in her eyes that she's thinking "oh dear we've got another CRYER!!" luckily her horrible assistant boy says in a snooty voice " I think she's ERASMUS.." so she pulls out my file and takes a look. They whispers and shuffle papers and then she brings me a new contract and I sign it. She said quite a few things I didn't understand and she was a complete bitch but I think it's sorted and now i get to stay thank God. Howart was about to offer her floor to me! After that fiasco I decided to go and get a Kaffee and a Kuchen. The cafe woman shouted at me infront of everyone for filling my cup too much! Like a total bitch,(everyone's a total bitch today it seems!) I was so embarassed, I guess she has to get her kicks somehow but she was unneccessarily cruel, I felt like it was the final straw and could feel my eyes prickling again with tears as she demanded me to tell her "what I had done!!?"?"to which i just kept saying "nothing! nothing!" finally I said I had pressed the button too many times , presuming that is what she wanted to hear and she just got this smug look on her face and let me by...she knew what i'd done...After my class which was fine I went to get my bike to cycle home. IT was really cold and when I unlocked it the key snapped in the lock....Since then everything else seems to be going ok, fingers crossed. It has kind of put a bad taste in my mouth for my new arrival back in Germany but I'm trying not to let it spoil it too much and am now getting on with what remains of term( about 4 weeks). It's really nice to see everyone and I should be going skiing soon so that's something to look forward to. Anyway sorry about the moany entry, I had to vent. Bye for now xxx

Word of the entry

Das Versehen= Oversight!!!!<-------I had to learn this before i went to the housing office. As in " i think it was an oversight on my behalf...."
10th-Jan-2006 08:44 am (UTC)
ooh you poor flower.. Hope things get a little better VERY soon! Glad you got the contract thing sorted.. Guess you need to find yourself a German lawyer to avoid such probs! :(
Lindsey xx
11th-Jan-2006 10:54 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a nightmare!! glad its all sorted! bloody germans!!! here,revision is hell, and mel is leavin!!!RUBBISH!!!its guna b shit! i have no friends without her!hope ur ok hun!! lookin forward to u bein home again!have fun over there!just go get drunk!!that makes everythin seem better!!! love u hun kat xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ps photos of that night out r on my space xxx
13th-Jan-2006 04:00 pm (UTC)
oh ja, ein grosses Versehen. woot..ich werde nach D.land in ein Monat fahren. get pumped. Leyls xx

ps- der Hoff is getting divorced. a national outcry will ensue around you, i imagine.
24th-Jan-2006 06:36 am (UTC)
Come on it must be time for an update - what's going on?

29th-Jan-2006 02:07 pm (UTC)
Your people want an UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
L x
6th-Feb-2006 03:27 pm (UTC) - Poor laws
Hi Pet

You didn't tell us about your brush with homelessness when we visited Augsburg in Jan. Glad to see its sorted.

I text Linz on Saturday to say hi and that Fitchy had got the sweet video from the gunnies staff to say bye. She text back to say she was watchin Dancin on Ice (you don't know what you're missing! Celebrities trying to ice 'dance'). Anyway, subsequent texts revealed that at some point in our childhood, we have both written to Sir Jimmy of Saville and asked to ice skate with Torvill and Dean! Brilliant!

I sent Caro a 'Big One' German Gerkin to give to her work boy lover (she left his tinned sausages on the plane - gutted). I also managed to extract a picture of Jackie from Heat and sent it to Kat in a card which read 'Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda'. Now it turns out that its gone missing!! There is another Jackie lover at Royal Mail obviously that sniffed her out and thieved her! I think we are going to sue if it doesn't show. Kat text a brilliant Jackie the other week that read....

'When I heard it was gonna be in london I felt sure darren day, dick n dom, mylene klass, punch n judy, steve davis, bucks fizz n super ted were gonna show!'......

Don't really know what else to say but I am writing to show you that I can and that I will goddamn!

Hope its all going well. Lots of love,

Jo xx
6th-Feb-2006 03:29 pm (UTC)
Lord what a waffle from me! Didn't realise it was supposed 2b a short 'un not a bloody essay! Can you send me the pics 2 pls? Jo x
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