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Life in Ausburg
Turkey in Germany 
14th-Dec-2005 01:20 pm
the bitch
The other night we went out with our Turkish friends, Yavus and Ihlan. They took us for a kebab, now this may sound horrific, i mean we weren't even drunk!! But Doner Kebab and Germany are almost brothers. There are a LOT of kebap houses in Germany, ranging from tiny, greasy with a small counter to full on sit down kebab restaurants where you get complimentary turkish tea and hooker pipes. Of course to have so many kebab shops there have to be a lot of turkish people opening and running them, and there are (here's the history!)- In the 60s Germany invited loads of turks over from turkey to do the germans' "dreckige Arbeit" which is literally dirty work, like working in factories, sweeping the streets and they were named as 'Guest workers'. In theory they were meant to work for a while and then return to Turkey and some of them did return but a lot stayed and sent for their families. So today a lot of gastarbeiter and their descendents still remain and of course they offer more to society than just kepab shops but it is one of the side affects and it's the snack of choice with a lot of germans! Not just like in england where they're mainly eaten by drunks after the pubs kick out. Anyway this kebab was no normal kebab it was on a real plate! and had a love salad and this lovely hot tomato sauce not a pita in sight! We then got free turkish tea after wards but no hooker pipe i'm afraid :(.

Word of the entry
Kebaep "kebep"= (quite obviously) Kebab
16th-Dec-2005 01:31 am (UTC) - kebabalon.
lawzy, i am actually loving the kebab stories... dirty turk as i am, can't wait to see you. leyls xx
18th-Dec-2005 01:37 am (UTC) - Turks and candles
Dear Augie Augsburg,
I read your journal with interest and it seems you are quite knowledgable about Turkish culture. I was hoping you could enlighten me regarding a bizarre Turkish tradition I stumbled across, that of leaving a set of tea lights in the shape of a heart and rose petals outside the door of another. I am curious to know the implications of such a gesture and it's origins, and would be grateful for your insight.
Many thanks.
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