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Life in Ausburg
Ok so what's been going on in the last seven days, hmm well! On… 
12th-Dec-2005 12:49 am
Ok so what's been going on in the last seven days, hmm well! On tuesday we went to the MENSA party that never was. For the mensa parties you can buy tickets a couple of days before at 12 outside...the mensa! But I had classes on both of these days at the times when they were on sale so like the last two times we (successfully) made it to the mensa parties we decided to queue up and buy them on the door. The last two times we did this we got tickets ok and there were a lot to buy, this time we got there at 9pm and they were all gone by about 9.15. We were so shocked because we were told that this particular party to celebrate nicolaus was never very popular and so tickets would be a cert. The queue was a VERY wide german, mass of a queue though, so it was deceiving as to how many people were in front of us even though we seemed to be very close to the front.

We decided to go back to my friend Jenny blond's(I have two friends here called Jenny, one has blonde hair, one has brown so we call them Jenny brown and Jenny Blonde to save confusion) room which is in Univiertal, it's literally on the campus!So lucky! Lots of my friends had already bought tickets and so we had a "non ticket obtaining" comiseration party. To say the least it was not....pumping. We were all pretty depressed to be misisng out on the greatness that is mensa. After a couple of Gluehweins and lebkuchens we thought we would try our luck and try to get in again. Especially because some of the people who had tickets dropped in on us on their way to the party to tell us how great it would be and revel in our depression. We went up to talk to the bouncers. We used every trick in the book. Blonde jenny claimed she had a pair of her own tickets that might get us in, and that in fact all of us girls had a couple that could get us all in..namely our breasts, nope that didn't work. Jenny bending over didn't work, being generally girly, didn't work. We said we were english and that we had never been to a mensa party. I said it was my last day in Augsburg and that I was terminally ill. Still to no avail. He was a heartless man indeed, when my friend Ryan said he would give him a blowjob he really wasn't impressed and told us to go way and that we had NO CHANCE of getting in. We accepted our lot and finally..after a few more tries of course!...left insearch of some other forms of entertainment.

We found it in the univiertal Bierstuebe which is called caktus. It's the same idea as the bar in my halls but smaller and not as legendary. There was quite a few of us who didn't get tickets so we made out own party in this tiny little bar, it's literally only a bit bigger than my room at home. IT was really fun in the end, we drank Gluehwein, wore comedy sized mexican hats and had a great time and also the mensa go-ers came and joined the party after they had finished at the mensa. I stayed at Jenny Brown's after the party because i was very..tired.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet for me because I wanted to save my money and energy for the weekend. Me and Laura have a tandem partner called Conny we met up with her on Wednesday for a coffee. A tandem for those of you that don't know is a a german person who wants to speak english and obviously we want to speak german so you talk half an hour in english and half and hour in german or longer if you want! This week we taught her a couple of english idioms like "to shoot oneself in the foot" and "to cut one's nose off in spite of one's face" it was quite hard to explain them. Conny taught us the verb 'to skive' which incidently is this weeks word of the entry - schwänzen- to skive, very useful!

On saturday we went SKIING! It was so fantastic! We went to a place called Garmisch Partenkirchen which is only 2 hours 2 mins away from me by train and the train only cost 6 euros each return. We had to leave at 6.40 am and we on the slopes in no time. I fell over a couple of times but one of the times i was knocked over by my french friend Claire! It was so beautiful there though, sunny and fresh. We had our lunch oustide and it was all traditional German food. I had a curry wurst, some people had livermeatballs in soup though. Yuck. I was so tired afterwards but it was really worth and I hope I can go again this weekend but am not sure as may be busy with preparing to go home, I go home in 8 days! I can't believe it! Missing all my friends and my family terribly. xxxx but will see u all soon xxxx lots of love Laura x
13th-Dec-2005 04:19 pm (UTC)
I got turned away from China Whites last night. We got there and were told that two of the four of us had to pay £15 to get in, when the e-mail distinctly said only boys have to pay. When we raised this point, the 'tard accepting money stood up and said "these were just on their way out". Stupid bitch.
26th-Dec-2005 08:43 pm (UTC)
the phrase is to cut one's nose off to spite one's face, what you said has slightly different connotationns, however, if this conny lady evr comes to england and says it wrong, im sure we'll all laugh at her cute naivety and correct her with a chuckle. that or shoot her for being so damn insolent adn getting OUR lanhuahe wrong, bloody krauts:)

just joking,

hope your xmas is good, im in the good old u s of a:)

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