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Life in Ausburg
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29th-Apr-2007 01:15 am - look who's back
Hello journal readers, I have decided to maybe start writing in here again from time to time. At the moment I have nothing to report apart from that I watched grease is the word and any dream will do simultaneously, which was mean feat I must say and then nothing else at all good was on so I settled for a night watching 9/11 conspiracy theory documentaries. Good times, Good times. The biggest problem in my life in the moment is some sort of ant problem I seem to be having in my room at the moment, but I'm in quite a lot of denial about it and can't afford ant powder anyway so it's best to just ignore it for the time being I suppose. Also my impending graduation and disappearance into the oblivion that is life after uni is also playing on my mind, but not as much as the ants. More later, so long!
1st-Jun-2006 09:07 pm - Oh dear
Hello friendly readers. So again it comes to update time. What on earth have I been doing!? Well after an amazing start to the summer, the sun shining, bbqs on the roof, bike rides and idyllic dips in the lakes things seem to have taken a turn for the worse weather wise. I haven't seen the sun for about two weeks. I am not joking. I have bought another bike and named it after a good friend of mine 'bad rami' precisely because this bike is baddddddddddd to the bone. A 'steal' for 20 euro I thought I had found my soul mate. It's really retro, i'm talking marble effect handle bars, huge seat, speedometer!..rust. I must say I look pretty fly on Rami. But then as always the bike went bad. Painful bits of metal have started to poke out of it!I have fallen off THREE times. He just doesn't want me on. ALso it makes a LOT of noise. Clunking and squeaking mainly, especially loud when I cycle past turkish hoodlums who then throw abuse. The other bike( Babsy) still has a puncture, i'm in denial about that. I had a visitor last week which was great, I had so much fun and it really lifted my spirits. Now she's gone i'm sort of sad. I've become ill and the weather is just shit. It seems a long time until I will be home again. I just can't seem to shake this black cloud over me, metaphorically and physically. Don't seem to be able to muster the strength to beat this cold I have, or do anything infact. This is getting kind of depressing isn't it? But I don't imagine maybe people read this anymore so I thought i'd treat myself and give myself a free reign to rant. At the moment I really want to come home. I'm going to festival this weekend, hopefully! The others have already gone but I have opted for one my night in bed to try and make myself better before braving it in a tent for three nights. There's going to be loads of bands I like/LOVE and i'm excited but just feel so ill... oh what a moaner I am!
28th-Apr-2006 02:36 am - A new name for Howart
Hey you...

Last night we went to a semester opening party at a different halls to our own. We had lots of fun, the german conga was danced and a couple of drinks were consumed. Howart stole me a parrot, which was being used to reinforce the lame "zoo" theme. It's going to be my new best friend. Howart and I stayed way too late but it was still fun. This morning it was a mean feat dragging myself out of bed to go to class. Howart and I started a new class today, it was german history...in the 17th century, I was so interesting I really got into in the end and I understood EVERY word...not. I had to read a question out infront of the class and painfully mispronouced everyword, cringe. In my head I was saying it over and over again and it was perfectly german sounding, when it came to saying it outloud it sounded nothing like that, so much for keeping our English status on the lowdown, there was no doubting my "brit abroad" status.

After Laura Howes had her name changed for her in our halls by having her door and post boxed labelled as "howart" she now has a new name which has been given to her by the Germans, kindly. We went to a class on wednesday which you had to sign up for in advance. Laura signed us both up before the class. When the register came round to us for us to sign, I found my name but there was no sign of Laura howes. There WAS however a Laura Hornes in the class. So now Howart is Hornes. Not much else has been happening here in Augsburg, apart from I have been starting my year abroad dissertation about foreigners. It's called "get out of germany, you dirty foreigners". Only joking! Bye now.

Word of the entry
"Noyzoit"= er nothing because that's not how you say it you idiot brit<------the thoughts of my german class mate when I mispronouced the word Neuzeit (pronounced "Noytsite") which incidently means modern times.
26th-Apr-2006 03:30 pm - Dan and Dad visit
the bitch
So Dan(my brother) and my Dad came to visit. It was great fun. WE went to munich and ate out every night, what a treat. I think Dad was impressed with my German, it's fairy hard to tell, I hope he was anyway. One night my Brother stayed in my halls with me. It was really nice to see him after spending so long away from my sibling, we just watched dvds and ordered pizza in. I haven't updated for a while it's hard to remember what has been going on. I am going to promise myself to update more often, every other day hopefully, or else I know I will regret it. The sun has now come to Augsburg and it is hot and sunny virtually everyday and the april showers have (nearly!) gone away. The bikes are out and we have been having BBQs on the roof of our halls which is sooo nice, you can watch the sun set. Everyone just seems happier as well.

Ok, so some of you may know that last term I had my bag and coat "stolen" from the library. This was quite a low point for me because the jacket was expensive and...well no one likes to be robbed do they? This is the story I told most people..."Well I had my translation class which took place in the library. To enter the library here you are not allowed to wear your coat or carry a bag. I locked my stuff away in the locker and when I returned it was all gone. I had to walk home in the snow with no coat and no bag, so basically carrying all my stuff like a gimp. AlsoI had worn trousers where the zip did not work properly, the coat I wore conveniently covered this. There is a moral to this story." I got home and cried a lot but decided to move on, the stuff wasn't coming back. This was the kind of thing that could easily sink me into a bit of a depression but I was determined not to let this happen. This story was only a HALF truth...

Ok here is the TRUE story "The lockers which you must lock your possessions in only take 2 euro coins. I arrived at class to find I didn't have a 2 euro coin. So on seeing that some students had merely hung up their coats and bags on the hooks outside of the library, I assumed that stealthily stashing my bag and coat in the locker without locking it properly would suffice. If I had hunted for a 2 euro coin I would have been really late, which as all of you know is a faux pas in Germany. If i missed the class entirely it would have been a Fehler (counted as an inexcused abscence) and 2 fehler you're out! So I couldn't do that. I continued to enjoy my stimulating and useful translation class but on returning to the afore-mentioned locker my things were gone." I searched high and low for my things and a really friendly girl from my class helped me too. NO WHERE to be seen. The rest of the story is the same.

Skip forward THREE months people (bear with me). I am in the library again with Howart. I have long forgotten the stolen goods and bought a new bag, exactly the same as the old one (navy blue-eastpak). We come out and low and behold, i see my jacket! It's very distinctive, I knew it was mine. I thought to myself "what a cheeky fuck! Someone has stolen my jacket and has been waering it all this time and now they are in the library". So as I was just about to steal it back, I see the bag with it! Then I see the coat is covered with dust...about three mnoths worth of dust...I look in the bag and it has my things in it, including an apple I had packed three months ago, you can imagine what THAT looked like..yes..mouldy, with white bits on (incase you can't imagine). My bag and coat had been hanging there ALL THAT TIME! How stupid do I feel?! It was never stolen. Howart's theory is that someone wanted to use the locker which I had not locked and just took my stuff out and hung it on the hooks! Crazy! But i swear I looked everywhere for it, obviously I didn't not look EVERYWHERE. Anyway that's that. Now I have two eastpak bags!

A new term started on monday and I'm feeling very optimistic it. Feeling much more confident about everything and student loan has just come so all is good. Anyway till next time! Laura x

Word of the entry = Tintenfisch- squid. I nearly picked this up today at the salad bar! F&^king gross!
3rd-Apr-2006 01:44 pm - Family Muldoon Rock the Augsburg
Hello, my brother and Dad are coming to visit me today so I'm really excited! And they are bringing lots of my stuff with them too which is great. Not much has been going on here to be quite honest with you. My floor apparently has a small Rat problem which is absolutely gross and the sign says we can borrow traps from the hausmeister. AS IF! I haven't seen any yet but enjoy screaming "argh it's a mouse!" whenever people come in my room. Oh I am a kook! They weather has been quite good. I have my balcony open most of the time but april showers are frequent so haven't been out on my bike yet. Well will update when the olds have gone. Bye x
30th-Mar-2006 02:56 am - Looks who's back!
Ok, so i've been REALLY slack with the journal. I'm back in Germamy. I have missed about three months but I vow I am back with avengeance. I had a very nice flight back but I did sleep throughout with my mouth open, how delightful! I'm missing home already but am determined to make this my best term EVER (TM). Luckily I seem not to have forgotten all my german despite not talking a single word for my three week sabbatical at home. I saw friends at home and managed to find a house in Birmingham for next year. I've picked modules, I've filled out lots of forms and I'm ready to battle anything that comes at me! Have just been down to the Bierstube to say hi to old German friends. We played darts, I lost pitifully, but that's irrelevant! I'm getting better. I also tried a turkish water pipe, which interestingly was apple flavour. Not much happening here because term has not started yet but I am getting geared up into starting my dissertation which is going to be great ( i Hope). I arrived back to no scary letters announcing my eviction from halls which was a relief and found an unwanted map of the world on my corridor which I have scavenged and put on my wall so all in all this term looks like it's going to be a goodun.
28th-Feb-2006 07:55 am - Long time no see folks
Oh i've been away such a very long time but I'm telling you I'm BACK. I'm going to do a big update very soon. Lots has been going on and it's nearly time for me to return to England again. I've had two visits from friends and have fallen over/seen quite a few other people fall over on ice! Spring is officially here in Germany and I have been in a German sauna...a naked German sauna........right now I'm about to get ready to go to Munich for Fasching. See you soon!
9th-Jan-2006 09:58 pm - Is it friday 13th?
the bitch
So I'm back in Germany again. I arrived here on Sunday after catching the plane from Stansted with Howart and Helen. The flight was fine, everyone was in high sprits, Laura and I had decided to make our documentary and filmed the first installment, everyone was happy. Then the worse day and night of 2006 (hopefully) began. We got back to our halls and I checked my post box. I had a letter from uni. It said that my tenancy agreement expired in March, basically that means i only have a place to live for one semester. The letter looked like this........scary letter...yeah I couldn't make it out either at first. I was just about to presume it was the usual bumpf but decided to get my dictionary out. This is when I started to panic about where I was going to live in march. So I ring an English colleague to see if they got this mysterious letter...no...i ring another...same answer. I seem to be the only one who is being turfed out of halls prematurely! What have I done to deserve this I ask myself. I decide to get legal on their asses and dig my contract out. I look to the dates on the contract, I infact have obviously not read the contract that they sent as it says clear as day at the top of it sept- March not sept-sept like everyone else's! Feeling like an idiot I start to get used to the idea of being homeless<------- a bit extreme but get use to the idea of livin away from all my friends in halls. I go to sleep, worrying and wake up the next day ready to go down to the housing office to see what they say.. The Day of Hell (D.O.H!) starts badly, i forget my wallet. I get to the office and show them the letter, the woman there is not very nice at all and takes one glance at the letter and straight away says that there is no chance of a contract renewal. I can feel my face getting all hot and my eyes welling up and my german is just falling away from me and I can see in her eyes that she's thinking "oh dear we've got another CRYER!!" luckily her horrible assistant boy says in a snooty voice " I think she's ERASMUS.." so she pulls out my file and takes a look. They whispers and shuffle papers and then she brings me a new contract and I sign it. She said quite a few things I didn't understand and she was a complete bitch but I think it's sorted and now i get to stay thank God. Howart was about to offer her floor to me! After that fiasco I decided to go and get a Kaffee and a Kuchen. The cafe woman shouted at me infront of everyone for filling my cup too much! Like a total bitch,(everyone's a total bitch today it seems!) I was so embarassed, I guess she has to get her kicks somehow but she was unneccessarily cruel, I felt like it was the final straw and could feel my eyes prickling again with tears as she demanded me to tell her "what I had done!!?"?"to which i just kept saying "nothing! nothing!" finally I said I had pressed the button too many times , presuming that is what she wanted to hear and she just got this smug look on her face and let me by...she knew what i'd done...After my class which was fine I went to get my bike to cycle home. IT was really cold and when I unlocked it the key snapped in the lock....Since then everything else seems to be going ok, fingers crossed. It has kind of put a bad taste in my mouth for my new arrival back in Germany but I'm trying not to let it spoil it too much and am now getting on with what remains of term( about 4 weeks). It's really nice to see everyone and I should be going skiing soon so that's something to look forward to. Anyway sorry about the moany entry, I had to vent. Bye for now xxx

Word of the entry

Das Versehen= Oversight!!!!<-------I had to learn this before i went to the housing office. As in " i think it was an oversight on my behalf...."
14th-Dec-2005 01:20 pm - Turkey in Germany
the bitch
The other night we went out with our Turkish friends, Yavus and Ihlan. They took us for a kebab, now this may sound horrific, i mean we weren't even drunk!! But Doner Kebab and Germany are almost brothers. There are a LOT of kebap houses in Germany, ranging from tiny, greasy with a small counter to full on sit down kebab restaurants where you get complimentary turkish tea and hooker pipes. Of course to have so many kebab shops there have to be a lot of turkish people opening and running them, and there are (here's the history!)- In the 60s Germany invited loads of turks over from turkey to do the germans' "dreckige Arbeit" which is literally dirty work, like working in factories, sweeping the streets and they were named as 'Guest workers'. In theory they were meant to work for a while and then return to Turkey and some of them did return but a lot stayed and sent for their families. So today a lot of gastarbeiter and their descendents still remain and of course they offer more to society than just kepab shops but it is one of the side affects and it's the snack of choice with a lot of germans! Not just like in england where they're mainly eaten by drunks after the pubs kick out. Anyway this kebab was no normal kebab it was on a real plate! and had a love salad and this lovely hot tomato sauce not a pita in sight! We then got free turkish tea after wards but no hooker pipe i'm afraid :(.

Word of the entry
Kebaep "kebep"= (quite obviously) Kebab
12th-Dec-2005 12:49 am(no subject)
Ok so what's been going on in the last seven days, hmm well! On tuesday we went to the MENSA party that never was. For the mensa parties you can buy tickets a couple of days before at 12 outside...the mensa! But I had classes on both of these days at the times when they were on sale so like the last two times we (successfully) made it to the mensa parties we decided to queue up and buy them on the door. The last two times we did this we got tickets ok and there were a lot to buy, this time we got there at 9pm and they were all gone by about 9.15. We were so shocked because we were told that this particular party to celebrate nicolaus was never very popular and so tickets would be a cert. The queue was a VERY wide german, mass of a queue though, so it was deceiving as to how many people were in front of us even though we seemed to be very close to the front.

We decided to go back to my friend Jenny blond's(I have two friends here called Jenny, one has blonde hair, one has brown so we call them Jenny brown and Jenny Blonde to save confusion) room which is in Univiertal, it's literally on the campus!So lucky! Lots of my friends had already bought tickets and so we had a "non ticket obtaining" comiseration party. To say the least it was not....pumping. We were all pretty depressed to be misisng out on the greatness that is mensa. After a couple of Gluehweins and lebkuchens we thought we would try our luck and try to get in again. Especially because some of the people who had tickets dropped in on us on their way to the party to tell us how great it would be and revel in our depression. We went up to talk to the bouncers. We used every trick in the book. Blonde jenny claimed she had a pair of her own tickets that might get us in, and that in fact all of us girls had a couple that could get us all in..namely our breasts, nope that didn't work. Jenny bending over didn't work, being generally girly, didn't work. We said we were english and that we had never been to a mensa party. I said it was my last day in Augsburg and that I was terminally ill. Still to no avail. He was a heartless man indeed, when my friend Ryan said he would give him a blowjob he really wasn't impressed and told us to go way and that we had NO CHANCE of getting in. We accepted our lot and finally..after a few more tries of course!...left insearch of some other forms of entertainment.

We found it in the univiertal Bierstuebe which is called caktus. It's the same idea as the bar in my halls but smaller and not as legendary. There was quite a few of us who didn't get tickets so we made out own party in this tiny little bar, it's literally only a bit bigger than my room at home. IT was really fun in the end, we drank Gluehwein, wore comedy sized mexican hats and had a great time and also the mensa go-ers came and joined the party after they had finished at the mensa. I stayed at Jenny Brown's after the party because i was very..tired.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet for me because I wanted to save my money and energy for the weekend. Me and Laura have a tandem partner called Conny we met up with her on Wednesday for a coffee. A tandem for those of you that don't know is a a german person who wants to speak english and obviously we want to speak german so you talk half an hour in english and half and hour in german or longer if you want! This week we taught her a couple of english idioms like "to shoot oneself in the foot" and "to cut one's nose off in spite of one's face" it was quite hard to explain them. Conny taught us the verb 'to skive' which incidently is this weeks word of the entry - schwänzen- to skive, very useful!

On saturday we went SKIING! It was so fantastic! We went to a place called Garmisch Partenkirchen which is only 2 hours 2 mins away from me by train and the train only cost 6 euros each return. We had to leave at 6.40 am and we on the slopes in no time. I fell over a couple of times but one of the times i was knocked over by my french friend Claire! It was so beautiful there though, sunny and fresh. We had our lunch oustide and it was all traditional German food. I had a curry wurst, some people had livermeatballs in soup though. Yuck. I was so tired afterwards but it was really worth and I hope I can go again this weekend but am not sure as may be busy with preparing to go home, I go home in 8 days! I can't believe it! Missing all my friends and my family terribly. xxxx but will see u all soon xxxx lots of love Laura x
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